Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Reasons for failed marriages,Part 2

In the first part of this article,l tried to explain the readiness to marriage,read it here.
Many ladies have orientations or premonitions about marriage;some lies they have been told,misleading advices and false teachings from people.Some of these lies have gone a long way in making their marriages not successful,t the lies hereby leading to a failed marriage.
Some of the lies women are told includes;

1.Men and women are the same

Psychologists and sociologists have studied humans and found out that men and women are fundamentally different.
Men have different approach to life and situations compared to women.They have different desires,priorities and desires in life.
Having the mind that you are the same with a man,have made so many women fail in their own responsibilities as women.

2.Men and women enjoy sex the same way

Where women attach a lot of affection and emotions to sexual intercourse,a man may feel differently.This difference between the sexual urge of both parties should be used as a tool to satisfy marriage,instead of the other way round.Women who plays equality with men,have failed to accept their emotional needs.
Men like soft women,gentle in speech,tender and smooth in touch,not the other way round.

3.You can achieve all your goals

When you see a well made home,with very lovely and wonderful kids,the woman of the house have made a lot of sacrifices.
Women,you can't be a CEO,a homemaker,a devoted wife,a multi-talented chef and all that.
Set your priorities right.If you want to be a good homemaker and give your children good upbringing,then its your choice to make.
Men love women who they can meet at home after a very busy day.
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  1. nice one,women are different from men,hence they should not compare themselves to men.

  2. some women still works and also keep their homes.