Friday, 2 August 2013

How to know if a guy is in love with you.

It is often easier to tell when a lady is in love than a guy.Men have ways of letting out their emotions,but no matter how rigid,a guy who loves a woman must show it somehow.
To know if a guy is into you/if a guy loves you,check the following;
  1. Does he call you often? 
If a guy is into you,he will spare time to call you.If he doesn't call you at all,or waits until you call,girlfriend he's not into you.
     2. He forgets your memorable days:

A guy who loves a woman is so cautious of the fact that ladies are vulnerable to hurts and will do all he can not to hurt you.If a guy forgets your birthday and makes no fuss about it,then he isn't into you.

     3.He introduces you as a friend or relative:

Ladies often fail to see this red lights.How can a guy who claims to love you,introduce you as a friend,cousin or even sister to his friends or colleagues?
It means that he isn't proud to be with you,feels you are not his class or isn't taking you serious.Sorry girl,a guy who does that isn't into you.

    4.Has he introduced you to his family yet?

When a guy is in love with a girl,he would wants his family to know about it.My ex guy introduced me to his mum within 3 months of our relationship.Don't mean that it should be that early,but if your relationship must yield any positive fruit,then he should let you know his family.If he still makes excuses for not letting you meet his family after years of relationship,break off,cos he is not into you.

    5.If he calls another girl when you are with him or admires ladies openly before you in a provocative manner,it means he isn't serious about you,and doesn't care how you feels.You deserve better.

Move on with your life,someone out there will appreciate you better.

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  1. Well my beau has passed all the test and I will score him high but the thing is I am not sure if I love him again. Godhelp me. Nice writeup