Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Reasons for failed marriages,Part 2

In the first part of this article,l tried to explain the readiness to marriage,read it here.
Many ladies have orientations or premonitions about marriage;some lies they have been told,misleading advices and false teachings from people.Some of these lies have gone a long way in making their marriages not successful,t the lies hereby leading to a failed marriage.
Some of the lies women are told includes;

1.Men and women are the same

Psychologists and sociologists have studied humans and found out that men and women are fundamentally different.
Men have different approach to life and situations compared to women.They have different desires,priorities and desires in life.
Having the mind that you are the same with a man,have made so many women fail in their own responsibilities as women.

2.Men and women enjoy sex the same way

Where women attach a lot of affection and emotions to sexual intercourse,a man may feel differently.This difference between the sexual urge of both parties should be used as a tool to satisfy marriage,instead of the other way round.Women who plays equality with men,have failed to accept their emotional needs.
Men like soft women,gentle in speech,tender and smooth in touch,not the other way round.

3.You can achieve all your goals

When you see a well made home,with very lovely and wonderful kids,the woman of the house have made a lot of sacrifices.
Women,you can't be a CEO,a homemaker,a devoted wife,a multi-talented chef and all that.
Set your priorities right.If you want to be a good homemaker and give your children good upbringing,then its your choice to make.
Men love women who they can meet at home after a very busy day.
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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Signs that you are in a wrong relationship

A relationship is supposed to be the fun,adventurous and impacting.Relationships are meant to teach you something in life.They should be therefore,built on trust and loyalty.
If your relationship isn't giving you what you want,it's an indication that you shouldn't have been in it in the first place.Below are signs that shows when a relationship should be discontinued;

1.Lack of trust

No relationship,even marriage can move forward without without trust.You have to trust your spouse/partner so much,not sniffing through their phones,checking their social media accounts,their mails and even trailing them to some extent.If you love someone,then trusting him/her shouldn't be an issue.If you are in a relationship were you are not trusted,have a re-think.It might be a bad sign.
Lack of trust can destroy relationships,can make a guy beat up his girlfriend and even a man beat up his wife.

2.Physical violence

There no relationship without violence,but when the violence gets physical,then its time to make an exit.No man,I mean,NO man who loves a woman dearly,could raise his hands on her.
Your man is supposed to love and cherish you,treat you like a queen,pamper you,not the other way round.If a guy becomes violent physically towards you,its a big RED sign.
Don't think he would change afterwards,they only grow worse. Try to come to a conclusion with him on the matter,if repeated........EXIT.

3.No future

Relationships should not necessarily lead to marriage,but when your relationship remains stagnant,dimensionless and baseless,ask yourself these questions;

  • Is this what l want?
  • Do l want more from this relationship?
  • Has these relationship impacted in me positively?
  • Am l getting any younger?
Until you know where you are coming from,you won't know where you are going to.
Set your priorities straight.Don't waist your time over something you are not a beneficiary to.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Marriage tip for the day:SACRIFICE.

Marriage is not all about love,but also sacrifice.

Many marriages which fail this days,don't crash because the said couples weren't in love before they got married.
The main test of love is not while dating/courting,but after wedding,when you start living together.
The question now is;
Are you  ready to let go of  that your usual routine/schedule for your spouses' sake?
Can you for example,skip that usual dinner with the girls/guys and be with your spouse?
Can you shift/postpone that journey for his/her sake?
For you to have a sweet,enjoyable and happy marriage,you MUST be ready to make sacrifices.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Reasons for failed marriages...Part 1

Marriage is a union between between a man and a woman  to become husband and wife.....I underlined the words man and woman because marriage is not for boys and girls.For you to engage in marriage,you must have attended/reached to be called a man/woman...That means,you must have some or all of this attributes;

1....You must have a say of your own...
So many marriages fail today because one/both of the spouses still run home to their mama/papa for counsel or suggestion before taking a decision in their home.Imagine the instance where a man wants to buy a car for his wife,and instead of asking her which brand she wants,goes to his sister or parents for suggestion.You may buy the car and she may not like it.
Marriage is between two grown-ups,you both should talk about everything together.....Take decisions together and not let a third party do that for you.
If you want to buy your spouse a surprise gift,ask him/her teasing in an occasion other than your usual serious discussions,that way you would know what they want before hand.
2....You must have your own home..... 
This may sound funny,but so many marriages which broke-up have been due to this reason.Couples who live permanently in their family houses have no privacy.Marriage should be an exclusive affair between two matured minds,not the other way round.
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Monday, 5 August 2013

Questions to never ask your spouse,Part 2

As funny as this sounds,many ladies are fond of asking this question,or have asked it,while some may have the intention of asking the question.
The question is weird as same as absurd.If he tells you he loves you most,will you believe him?If his response is his mother,won't that make you angry and furious?
So why ask a question which either way,you will still be left in doubt.
What matters is how your guy or spouse feels towards you,not trying to come in-between his family.

MOREOVER,any guy who doesn't  love his mum,you shouldn't expect him to love you also.If a guy treats his mother like trash,girlfriend you are the next in action.....

Hear this true life story....
I was dating this guy who always bullies his sisters and beats his mother...We were so in love l hardly noticed he was doing the wrong thing,furthermore,l thought his mum deserved it as she would always curse and abuse him.
We finally got married after a few years,and currently.l feel like running away from my matrimonial home,as he has turned me into his punching back......Don't know what to do......
From a reader of LMF blog....

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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Relationship tips for the day-Questions you should never ask a man...Part 1

                    Questions you should never ask a guy


All men despise this question, because there is no perfect way to answer it. If he says 'No', you aren't going to believe him, and also accuse of him lying and being unfair. If he ventures the truth like 'Not that much, but you can surely avoid the late night ice cream for a few days', he is certainly doomed, as the answer might hurt your feelings.

The answer actually depends on the number. Most men have no qualms about declaring the number; however, they often lie because some women can't take it. The curiosity is understandable, but be ready to handle the news like a mature person. Just imagine yourself answering the same question.

Why do you want to know that? It is all in the past, so let it be.


Relationship tips for the day-MEN

 >>>>>If you have never asked a girl out because you can't be certain she's interested in you, you'll stay single all your life. What an funny and unhappy person you will turn out to be.
 So do it, ask her and realize that sometimes there will be rejection and other times there will be a  resounding yes!

>>>>>Be careful of which words you use when complimenting a girl; the type of compliment you give depends on the girl. While some girls like being called "hot," other prefer being called "beautiful" and may take offense to being called "hot," or vice versa. Just use your judgment when you compliment her.

Signs that shows that a girl loves you.

A girl can be very shy to tell a guy that she likes him ,especially if he's unaware of her.Guys,ever wondered if a girl likes you or not?

Then here are some hints;

  •  Sit close to her when she isn't aware your coming or isn't conscious of you,like in a class or during lunch time,if she feels uncomfortable or tensed,she's likes you bro.... 
  •  If she's showing off around you, that's a sure sign she likes you and is trying to impress you.
  • Does she talk to you more than she talks to other people (anybody not obviously a friend)? If she's usually not extremely talkative, and usually waits for someone else to start a conversation, it's a good sign for you! It means she's trying hard to gain your attention.
  •  Compliment other girls when you talk to her. If she responds icily or visibly blanches or stiffens, you've just brought out her jealousy, which means she likes you for herself. Don't keep her in this state; brush off the compliment as something vague and come back with a compliment twice as good directed at her alone.
  •  Wave and say hello when you see her talking to another guy. If she appears flustered, uncomfortable, or looks down, this may be a sign that she's not happy about you thinking that she likes this guy over you. 
  •  Is she turning up everywhere you seem to be? Is she showing a sudden interest in things that you're keen on but she's not so big on, such as your football games? If she is willing to go out of the way to an event or game she'd normally have nothing to do with, this is a big hint that she's interested in you. It gets even clearer for you if she takes the time to ask you questions about the game or about your involvement in it; that means she's definitely into you.
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Friday, 2 August 2013

How to know if a guy is in love with you.

It is often easier to tell when a lady is in love than a guy.Men have ways of letting out their emotions,but no matter how rigid,a guy who loves a woman must show it somehow.
To know if a guy is into you/if a guy loves you,check the following;
  1. Does he call you often? 
If a guy is into you,he will spare time to call you.If he doesn't call you at all,or waits until you call,girlfriend he's not into you.
     2. He forgets your memorable days:

A guy who loves a woman is so cautious of the fact that ladies are vulnerable to hurts and will do all he can not to hurt you.If a guy forgets your birthday and makes no fuss about it,then he isn't into you.

     3.He introduces you as a friend or relative:

Ladies often fail to see this red lights.How can a guy who claims to love you,introduce you as a friend,cousin or even sister to his friends or colleagues?
It means that he isn't proud to be with you,feels you are not his class or isn't taking you serious.Sorry girl,a guy who does that isn't into you.

    4.Has he introduced you to his family yet?

When a guy is in love with a girl,he would wants his family to know about it.My ex guy introduced me to his mum within 3 months of our relationship.Don't mean that it should be that early,but if your relationship must yield any positive fruit,then he should let you know his family.If he still makes excuses for not letting you meet his family after years of relationship,break off,cos he is not into you.

    5.If he calls another girl when you are with him or admires ladies openly before you in a provocative manner,it means he isn't serious about you,and doesn't care how you feels.You deserve better.

Move on with your life,someone out there will appreciate you better.

Why hasn't he proposed yet?Here are the reasons.....

The reality is that many women look at relationships as the hallway to marriage. Yes they may be currently focused on just enjoying the benefits of their relationship but that doesn’t mean they’re not hoping or waiting for things to progress. The problem is that a lot of times the man they are with is not on the same page. He is enjoying the benefits and plans to ride this out for as long as he can. Saying the word marriage to him is like you just cursed at him. It rubs him the wrong way and makes him feel very uncomfortable…but why? I mean if he is with this woman, seems to be “happy” and all that good stuff, then what is really his problem? Specifics can vary but here are four very possible reasons why he hasn't proposed yet.

 1.    Because he can get all that he wants by being your boyfriend.
Most of you have heard the saying “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”. So there you have it in a nutshell. That guy may see no real incentive in agreeing to a deeper more binding commitment such as marriage. He is already receiving “wife benefits” so to marry her is pointless and in no way works to his advantage.

2.    Because he has a very negative perception of marriage.
Not everybody gets to witness a healthy relationship in their life. Many have grown up witnessing unhealthy relationships in their home and everywhere else they looked. So that person can easily develop such a negative view on marriage that they have convinced themselves of all the reasons why not to take that route. They still desire companionship but they see the “I do” as really meaning “What the hell did I just do”.

3.    Because he still wants to have sex with other women.
Let’s face it; there are plenty of men who struggle with the idea of having sex with just one woman for the…rest…of…their…life! I promise you some men just got nauseous reading that line. So that guy may be holding off on a proposal because he isn’t ready to give up the possibilities of “new ass”. I know what some may be thinking “but isn’t he in a committed relationship already?” True, but the line of thinking is different for many when you are not officially married.

4.   Because he isn't truly in love with you
Men can be  very deceptive,they know sex is all they want but can't  tell you they don't want you.It's left for you as a lady to know what you truly want in a relationship and decide whether to continue or not.
Will share signs to know if a man truly loves you in my future post...
     So ladies,be WISE.