Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Reasons for failed marriages...Part 1

Marriage is a union between between a man and a woman  to become husband and wife.....I underlined the words man and woman because marriage is not for boys and girls.For you to engage in marriage,you must have attended/reached to be called a man/woman...That means,you must have some or all of this attributes;

1....You must have a say of your own...
So many marriages fail today because one/both of the spouses still run home to their mama/papa for counsel or suggestion before taking a decision in their home.Imagine the instance where a man wants to buy a car for his wife,and instead of asking her which brand she wants,goes to his sister or parents for suggestion.You may buy the car and she may not like it.
Marriage is between two grown-ups,you both should talk about everything together.....Take decisions together and not let a third party do that for you.
If you want to buy your spouse a surprise gift,ask him/her teasing in an occasion other than your usual serious discussions,that way you would know what they want before hand.
2....You must have your own home..... 
This may sound funny,but so many marriages which broke-up have been due to this reason.Couples who live permanently in their family houses have no privacy.Marriage should be an exclusive affair between two matured minds,not the other way round.
Hear this....

My husband and l were putting up with his parents before we found our own home.Those period we lived there was like hell that l almost left that marriage.The sisters would nag and complain over everything l did.(Florence)
3....You must have a source of income....
This doesn't mean that you have to be a millionaire,but you should have a business/work/talent which drives in income to you.This is mostly applicable to men,as a lady may have no work and still get married.The lady,even when she works would only be a support to you,except when the man is incapable of handling things.
To be contined


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